Expat Life Hacks For an Easy Transition

Expat Life Hacks

Moving to a new country can be very exciting, but it is also quite stressful, and you can run into some major hurdles if you aren’t prepared. To help make the experience more fun and smooth, we are discussing some of the life hacks for every expat before or during the move to any new country.

Join travel/expat groups on Facebook or other online platforms

You will be surprised to know how many expat groups and forums there are online, filled with people just like us looking for recommendations on where to visit, eat, stay, and advice for living in a specific country. Some of the expats probably have already solved the problems you may be facing and are eager to share their experiences with you.

Keep your important documents secure and accessible

A great way to ensure the security and accessibility of your documents is to make copies of them and keep them on your cloud so that if in any case your documents are lost you have some sort of proof of identification to clear the issue

International Currency Cards/ Have more than one means of payment

Most of the time, the main issue Expats find in another country is related to credit and debit cards, it can be your best friend or worst enemy. Your correct choice in Credit and debit cards can save you from a poor conversion rate on foreign currency. So, do proper research before settling for the relevant card for you and have more than one payment mode.

Here’s a list of few tips to follow for using a credit card abroad – https://upgradedpoints.com/credit-cards/best-credit-cards-for-expats/

Few Credit Card options for International Travel– 

House hunting / Apartment Search (Finding a new home & making it feel like one)

During so much planning, house hunting seems like such a burden on the top of everything. But the smart thing to do is to leave everything up to professionals.

Expatria has been providing Relocation services to different clients across the country. We scout the most suitable property as per the requirement of the client by ensuring timely leasing and minimizing the hurdles faced by expatriates while relocating to a new country. Our customized and flexible services provide various options in setting and moving assistance.

Learn at least basic phrases

Learn ‘Hi’ or Thank you’ or commonly used basic phrases that can be useful. You’ll quickly find that the locals will be a lot friendlier if you show interest in their culture and native language, and it will go a very long way in helping in daily interactions

Be Proactive

It’s a good idea to do your research about the country, city and the place you are going to be living. Be proactive while exploring your new home, finding your way to work, or taking more interest in sports, events, and activities in your city. If you are prepared, you will feel more confident: for example, learn your route to work before your first day, so when it does come around, you won’t panic about being late.

Explore the Local Places

The best thing about moving to a new country is to experience the new culture and experience the realness of the place. If you limit yourself to only the big cities and tourist areas, you’re going to miss out on things your new home has for you to offer. Make the effort to travel and explore underrated areas and towns near you, take part in their sports and activities interact with people who don’t meet foreigners very often. You’ll find that by living like a local, you’ll learn so much more about your new home than you thought.

And last but not the least, irrespective of which country or place you are living in, in this pandemic time, don’t forget to follow the COVID norms. The world is slowly coming back to life but we still have delta variants and speculations about the third wave coming into existence. So, don’t forget to follow all the mandatory precautions.

Hope these few tips help you in having a great experience as an Expat and have a smooth transition into new country, culture and work.


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