Expatria Services | Fleet Management

Managing fleet is not an easy task–but you know what is very easy?   Investing too much or too less!  What companies need to do is find a balance between these two things and align their fleet strategies according to the requirements. Or you can consider Expatria’s fleet consultants and the flexible options we provide. We…

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Lockdown Guidelines After Extension | Here’s all that was announced (***UPDATED – 2nd May’20***)

****UPDATED (2nd May’20)**** Lockdown 3.0 (4th May – 17th May’20) On 2nd May’20, Government Announced the third lockdown extension of two more weeks (till 17th May’20). The extension will however see some relaxations which will be regulated based on the spread of the virus in the districts, identified as red (hotspot), green and orange zones….

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