Moving Abroad? The Struggle is Real.

Re-uploaded on – 24th Feb’20 (originally posted – 5th Nov’19)

Changes are always necessary, even they are a little inconvenient and scary sometimes.

This can be a very small change or a large one–depending on the perception and the nature of that change. 

What matters most is how you deal with it!

Moving Abroad, for example, comes under the tag of a big change. As much fun it sounds, it can also be perceived as a nuisance.

Be it for a Job, education or any other personal reason; you cannot help but feel a little anxious with all the struggles! So, today here, we are discussing a few common things every expat struggle with and how to deal with them –

All the Paperwork – The Biggest Hurdle

If you are doing it all by yourself, it can be a nightmare. There are various things to look for – especially all the paper works that involve in moving. But with the right attitude and planning, you can overcome this major struggle!

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Culture shock – Newness Overload

Now, adapting to a new culture can be a very hard and slow process. Many Countries or even states of the same countries have different cultures. And if you are in a culture influenced country like India, then you will experience this in spades. With a new culture, you are getting a new job, a new language, new food, a new pace and a new lifestyle, which is a lot to take in!

But not to worry! Taking one step at a time will do wonders here, not only for your progress but also for your peace of mind.

What to do?

Join Expat communities and share your struggles. Always remember, you are not alone in this. There are millions of people across the world, even around you, who are facing the same problem.

Most Metro cities usually have special cultural spots from all over the world for the expats, where you can feel at home. Do check in to these weekend getaways occasionally!

Few Tips for the successful move –

Accommodation – Where to live?

As if the legal process was less hectic, add in the fact that you now also must find a place to live. That, also, in a new country, with no idea about the rental and convenient housing!

Take the help of some relocation service provider. Expatria, for example, can help you not only in immigration, but also end to end smooth transitioning of the whole relocation process!

Expatria provides relocation services to different clients across the country. We scout the most suitable property as per the requirements of the client, by ensuring timely leasing and minimizing the hurdles, faced by expatriates while relocating to a new country.

Emotional Strain – Loneliness is your friend now

Moving abroad, especially alone, can be emotionally as well as physically draining for a person. No family or friends around- spending every weekend alone – taking every decision and facing every hurdle without any support from your known can be a big struggle. The language barrier is the most common barrier in making new friends. All these things attract loneliness which can be scary and a cause of depression for many expats out there.

How do you start to tackle that?

Use Technology to stay connected – Talk to your friends and family online; assure them that they are not left behind, you still remember them!

Break the ice first, make new friends – Be it your workplace or neighbours, get out of your comfort zone and break the ice first. You never know, maybe you are getting a friendship of a lifetime!

Learn to spend time with yourself – Make yourself your own favourite person to hang out with! Your ‘me’ time should be very precious and frequent for you. Value it!

Learn new hobbies – There are many things to learn in this world. Get to know yourself and do the thing you are passionate about. Nothing beats loneliness than a thing you do you are passionate about!

Always remember what doesn’t break you, will only make you stronger. Things sure look difficult right now, but sometimes are totally worth it in the end! Take one step at a time.

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What are some struggles you have experienced as an expat, how did you deal with them?

Please comment below!

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