Fleet Management Challenges company usually faces

Fleet Management Challenges

Fleet management can be a very daunting task for many companies out there, especially if you do not have a dedicated operation team to manage the whole process.

As a Fleet Manager or admin in charge, you also come across so many unexpected and inconsistent issues, that it can be a little difficult to manage sometimes.

Here we are discussing some common challenges, a company generally faces in fleet management and its operations :

Limited Resources

The amount of time and resources companies often spend on the process seems mostly unexplainable and unproductive. Managing and keeping track of all the drivers, vehicles, and technicians often either need a very costly resource or a whole team in operations. Mostly the worth of that much cost is not justifiable when compared to the amount of return. And lack of that resource often results in very limited resources.

Crisis Management

There are so many unpredictable factors into consideration that sometimes can lead to some bad exposure for companies’ reputations. Most of such scenarios often require a specialist just to deal with everything. Lack of a proper tracking system and still relying on the old-fashioned way can lead to a lot of manual work and lack of communication between management and chauffeurs.

Lengthy Paperwork & Costing

Managing the paperwork like authentication orders, toll charges, state taxes and expenditure related to vehicle maintenance can be a headache. Unless you have a management system to seek all this out, this all can lead to a big pain in the long haul if not monitored closely. Keeping track and verifying the fuel and vehicle maintenance expenditure needs a day to day tracking and follow-ups with drivers/chauffeurs.

Untrained Chauffeurs

Chauffeurs with a lack of area knowledge, expat culture, traffic protocols and cost-saving mindset, can do you more harm than good. So, educating them, keeping them motivated can be a separate tasks of a training manager. That is an additional cost on top of everything. Most of the companies do not give that much priority to this factor, and that often leads to inefficiency.

If you have a dedicated team for this–cool, but if you do not want to spend that much budget on the whole process, outsourcing can be a very good option to consider. Consider doing an analysis of the Pros and Cons of Outsourced Fleet Services.

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