About us

Expatria is a leading service provider of various services including Visa, FRRO, Relocation and Fleet. Expatria was established in 2008 as Meera Samuh and with its experience and expertise in these domains, has successfully catered to expats from more than 50 different countries till date.

Expatria ensures quality services for all its clients and supports them in undertaking various expat management service challenges. We help and support our clients in resettlement and relocation to India and ensure that the expats focus on their core competencies exclusively rather than facing challenges involved in relocation and resettlement.

We understand the importance of family well-being and therefore we focus on providing the best living space for the entire family. Since our foundation we have maintained a strong bond with our valuable clients by providing quality services. It is our affinity for moral values and work ethics that has enabled us to grow manifolds and have liberated our clients from concerns before and after relocation.

We offer a PAN-India service infrastructure in major metropolitan cities and several regional offices in big and small towns. Expatria team works diligently with clients to ensure a comfortable and joyous relocation to India, irrespective of the location, be it a metropolitan or a remote location.


    To be the largest expatriate service company and helping expats around the world to settle in India for work, business or leisure by providing them quality and cost effective solutions.


    Creating a transparent and long-lasting relation with our clients with adherence to moral values and work ethics. Helping expat families settle in unfamiliar Indian environment and uniting residents from different nations by bridging gaps and building bonds of togetherness and comfort.

Gradual Evolution of our excellence

From a camp office in Gurugram which was set up in 2005, we have grown to be a leading name in the expatriate community with offices across major metropolitan cities and have various industry experts with core domain knowledge as a part of our team. We have also delivered services to remote locations like Kakinanda, Barmer, Nagayalanka, Rajahmundry, Macchlipatnam etc.

A lot has changed since we started our journey as Meera Samuh with Expat Management Services. We further expanded to serve clients by evolving with a cutting edge approach, with breakthroughs in Relocation Services, Fleet and Manpower.

Why Expatria

    We are one stop solution provider for all possible Expat Services.

  • PAN India presence
  • Quality and process driven approach
  • Personalized and cost effective services
  • Committed team with field expertise
  • Aligned with corporate and government guidelines & policies
  • Certifications from ISO, OTOA, IATO and various other organizations
  • 24x7 Support Help-desk
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